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Feb 19, 2017

Robin on Puzder's defeat, Flynn's fall, the Goldman Sachs boys, and the FBI vs. Trump's Russian Roulette. Guest: political reporter and cultural analyst Farai Chideya discusses her online essay "The Call-to-Whiteness." Plus, an extended Surrealism Corner.

Farai Chideya:
"The Call-to-Whiteness" on »

Feb 12, 2017

Robin on Elizabeth Warren, Nordstrom, the Sioux, battery and Putin, the subway—and dragons. Exclusive interview guest: Washington Post media columnist Margaret Sullivan. Plus: an extended Surrealism Corner.

Margaret Sullivan:
On »
On Twitter (@Sulliview)...

Feb 5, 2017

Robin on Trump's Muslim ban, dissing Australia, and invading Mexico—plus the stolen SCOTUS seat and a filibuster. Guests: Laura Moser, mother of; Sady Doyle on her book, TrainWreck: Women We Love to Hate, Mock, and Fear—and Why.

Laura Moser: »

Sady Doyle: »

Jan 29, 2017

Robin on Trump's proposed Cabinet, and on art and artists vs. authoritarians. Guests: Leah Greenberg, co-creator of the phenomenon; Saru Jayaraman of ROC United on DT's Labor Department pick. Plus, resistance info and sources.

Leah Greenberg: »

Saru Jayaraman: »

Jan 22, 2017

Robin on demonstrating, organizing, and the white women who voted for Trump. Guests: Physics for everyday life author Helen Czerski; Nigerian feminist leader Saudatu Mahdi on the Chibok girls. Plus, Surrealism Corner.

Helen Czerski:
Storm in a Teacup: The Physics of Everyday Life On Amazon »

Saudatu Mahdi: