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Jul 16, 2017

Robin on Antarctica's melting ice-shelf, Donald Jr.'s open-carry smoking gun, and activist multi-tasking. Guests: Swanee Hunt on how women rebuilt Rwanda from ashes of genocidal hell; Nargis Azaryun from Kabul on Afghanistan's new women's magazine.

Swanee Hunt:
Rwandan Women Rising on Amazon » »

Jul 9, 2017

Robin on Amelia Earhart, the damage done by Trump's travel ban, "ladies' golf," and who gets to define the future. Guests: NY Historical Society President Louise Mirrer on the new Center for Women's History; co-founder Amelia Miazad.

Louise Mirrer:
The Center for Women’s History at »

Jul 2, 2017

Robin on the Supreme Court rulings, secret media news, and the revolutionary abilities of the disabled. Guests: Manal al-Sharif, on daring to drive in Saudi Arabia; Erin Bried's new magazine Kazoo, "for girls who aren't afraid to make some noise."

Manal al-Sharif:
Daring to Drive: A Saudi Woman’s Awakening on Amazon...

Jun 25, 2017

Robin on Georgia's election, the Cosby verdict, and real witch hunts vs. Trump whining about being investigated. Guests: Marjorie Spruill on what actually polarized America; Heidi Steltzer on climate change and the all-woman expedition to Antarctica.

Heidi Steltzer: »
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Jun 18, 2017

Robin on the GOP baseball shooting, the censoring of Shakespeare, how Jim Crow inspired Hitler, and the tale of Maddie Runckles. Guests: Ariel Levy on why The Rules Do Not Apply; Emily Temple-Wood's F-You Project on women in science at Wikipedia.

Ariel Levy: »
Ariel Levy on Amazon »

Emily Temple-Wood: